Download Unblock Me For PC Free

Unblock Me by Kira Games is an addicting puzzle game in which your goal is to move a red block from a maze of other blocks to the exit point. The less number or moves, the better. There are more than 5000 puzzles, so this game is enough to satisfy even experts in the field of puzzle. If you are a fan of puzzle games, then you would love to know that you can download Unblock Me for PC free. Learn how to download Unblock Me for PC free.

Download Unblock Me For PC Free

Download Unblock Me For PC Free

There are two methods to download Unblock Me for computer. Follow the steps below to download Unblock Me for PC free:

Method 1: Download Unblock Me from Andyroid directly

  1. Install Andyroid from this link. 
  2. Login with your google user credentials to authenticate to the play store – you don’t need to have a real android phone to complete this section, anyone can join the play store to download Unblock me for PC or any other app.
  3. Now go to the play store
  4. Search for Unblock Me in the store and click to install
  5. Go back to the main page and launch the app
  6. Enjoy!!!!

Method 2: Download Unblock Me .apk file

  1. First you need to download Andyroid from the link above is necessary to mount Android Apps on PC. You can ignore this step if you have already downloaded Andyroid – the android emulator.
  2. Next, you need to download Unblock Me .apk file.
  3. Install Andyroid on your PC.
  4. Double click the Unblock Me .apk file which you downloaded. Andy will automatically install Unblock Me for PC.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions in Unblock Me for PC and enjoy playing the game from the comfort of your laptop or desktop.


Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded Unblock Me for PC free. Open Andy and enjoy playing Unblock Me on your computer.

Do let me know if you encounter any problems to download Unblock Me for PC free.

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