Facebook Messenger for Windows (7/8/XP) PC

Ready to use Facebook Messenger on your Windows PC? Look no further, this simple guide will tell you how to use this mobile app right on your desktop. Facebook is really trying to get people to use Messenger instead of the normal Facebook App, and this is a great way to use it on your Windows 7, 8, or XP machine.

Facebook Messenger isn’t officially available for PC yet, and maybe it never will be. But it’s available for Android, and that’s all we need to use it on the desktop.


Follow these simple steps to get Facebook Messenger on your PC

  1. Download and install Andy on your PC. Click here for the download and instructions.
  2. Once you have Andy installed, go to the Google Play store
  3. Search for Facebook Messenger
  4. Make sure it’s the official Facebook Messenger download and install it
  5. Log in with your Facebook email and start chatting with your friends!

You could of course just open your browser and go to facebook, but then you wouldn’t get access to all the cool features of Messenger. Also, you won’t get distracted by all the fun posts in the newsfeed. Just get on, message whoever you want, and be done.

There is no need to import any contacts, once you log in with your facebook info all your friends and business associates will pop right up inside Facebook Messenger, running right on your Windows PC.


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