Download Shiva The Time Bender For PC Free

Shiva The Time Bender Featured

Shiva: The Time Bender is an exciting game for Android devices in which you collect orbs, kill deadly enemies, jump across eras and complete the various challenges thrown at you. The best thing in this game is that you can reverse time to cheat death and overcome difficult areas. If you like adventure games, then […]

Download Unicorn Dash For PC Free

Download Unicorn Dash For PC Free

Unicorn Dash is an addictive running/dashing game for Android with awesome graphic details. The game’s objective is to make the Unicorn jump on high cliffs without making it fall down, or otherwise the game is over. On some areas, the Unicorn can gain boost to jump on hard to reach areas, thus getting you a much higher […]

Download Hike Messenger For PC Free

Hike Messenger Featured

Hike Messenger is a communication Android App which allows users to send free messages to Hike users as well as other users! It works with 3G, WiFi and even 2G. There are also many other apps like BBM, WhatsApp, WeChat etc. which offers the same functionality as of Hike Messenger. You will be happy to know that you can […]

Download Fruit Ninja For PC Free

Fruit Ninja Featured

Fruit Ninja, from Half Brick Studios needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular games available on Android. Carve, splatter, and slash your way through piles of colorful fruit in this juicy arcade action game. Fruit Ninja features three action-packed game play modes – Classic, Zen and the amazing Arcade mode. If you are […]